Hydraulic walking floors - double for hard and soft wood
conveyor belt 12m with magnetic separator for chips
Two hammer mills each 130 kW for wet material
Two beams with hydraulic floor befor drum dryer
Dryer for drums of 12 m
FIEDLER boiler 3.5 MW
Refiner 250kW with transport fan and filter
Silos bin ZEPI for dry material
Z conveyor ZEPI above three silo bins for pellet mill
TRI Pellet Mill ZEPI ZPM600 with 200kW (2pcs) and 160Kw
pellet mill production year 2015 (two pcs)
Conveyor belt 10m for hot ball, conditioner and aspirin system
vibro sieve
ESSEGI packaging system (ITA) 2019
Pallet system ROBOTIK KOGLER (SLO) 2015
Grecon spark detection system
Electrical cabinet room for complete equipment
LINE IN operation, capacity 6-7 t/h