1 x EVG Mesh Welding plant, Type GE 12/102-PV, year of production 2005, installed in
For production of standard reinforcing mesh with line wire spacing of 100 mm and multiples.
Working with line wires off vertical pay-off and pre-straightened and cut-to-length cross
wires off a magazine.
Max welding width: 2600 mm
Max cross wire length: 2750 mm
Min mesh width: 1200 mm
Max. mesh length: 7000 mm
Min. mesh length: 1000 mm
Line wire diameter off coil: 4 – 8 mm (at 100 mm line wire spacing)
4-10 mm (at 150 mm line wire spacing)
Cross wire diameter: 4 – 10 mm pre-straightened and cut
Line wire spacing: 100 mm and multiples
Cross wire spacing: 50 mm , larger steps infinitely programmable

2 x Invert vertical type drawing ,machine (Cheng I machinery, Taiwan), year of production
Model: IVD-800 (ribbing model)
Inlet wire: 10 – 6 mm, low carbon wire
Motor: 100 HP, AC motor with inverter (Brand TECO)
Dia. Of the drum: 800 mm, made of alloy cast iron, the wire drawing zone
(220 mm high) is made of tungsten carbide coating

Speed: 0 – 150 m/min.
Cooling system: both inside drum and die are water cooling
Spooler: with 3 HP AC motor with inverter, coils 0 – 1500 kg

1 x Wafios, fully electronic wire straightening and cutting-off machine, model R 43, year of
production, 2007
2 pairs of separate driven feed rolls, frequency regulated, pneumatically open and close.
Separate driven rotary body straightener, frequency regulated.
Stationary shear, servo motor driven.
Change over time: 1 – 3 minutes
Length tolerance: +/- 0,3 mm, depending on wire size, wire quality, condition of coil and pay of .
Collecting station - 3 m