Technical Details : For sale complete plant for wood pellet production, made from CPM, capacity 6t/h. A most of the machines from line are produced in between 2008-2010.y., except presses for making pellets (its bit older then rest of the line, but complete renewed before restarting. Line is consisting from: 1.Chain conveyor for logs transport. 2.Lift with angle platform for dosing material. 3.Entrance belt transporter with magnetic section for detection of iron. 4.Grinder (hammer mill) BRUKS 500kW 5.Vertical basket transporter for chip wood. 6.Horizontal belt transporter for chip wood with three side ejectors (separated with type of the wood) 7.Hydraulic floor platform for dosing wood chips (three pcs.) with all installation and system of hydraulic pistons. 8.Horizontal belt transporter for transportation material on drying. 9.Transporter for driving wood chips into fire place for drying. 10.Silo for wood chips for burning for fire place. 11.Rotary dryer for drying wood chips, capacity 8t/h, with fire place with grate with angle (complete equipment). 12.Vibro sift for wood chips. 13.Vertical transporter with angle for transportation of dry material with side ejector for storing same into two additional deposit in case of stopping line for pressing. 14.Section for sifting dry material and transportation till silo for dry material (silo of sawdust). 15.Hammer mill „CHAMPION“ 160kW. 16.Silo for dry material 250m3. 17.Silo for storing wood pellets 150m3. 18.Presse for pellet production CPM 250kw each. 19.Mixer for dry material with section for adding moisture. 20.CPM sift for screening wood pellets. 21.CPM cooler for pellets 22.A lot of different transporters, belts, with baskets... 23.GO PACK automatic packing line for pacing wood pellets into bags. 24.GO PACK robot for sorting bags on the pallet and complete wrapping with stretch foil. 25.System of controls and electric equipment consisting from 12 electric cabinets