Seller Note
DESCRIPTION : Manufacturer - BSTG Model - SMP 199 Year - 1992 Weld width / mesh width: 2400 / 3050mm Number of transformers / electrodes: 12/48 Power per transformer: 100KVA Min.electrode distance 50mm Cross wire ø: 5-10mm Longitudinal wire ø: 5-10mm Mesh length: 2500 - 8100mm depending on the turner max. width / length of turner: 2500 / 6200mm (turn) / 8100mm stacking Accessories: div specific E-parts Note: System complete with vibrating table, threader, roller feed, mat extractor and turner Control type: S5-115U (threader and inverter) Harms & Wende (machine control and mesh input) The plant is currently operational and can be demonstrated.