Seller Note
The UDZSA drawing mill of size 2500/7 is designed for dry drawing according to the principle of accumulation without sliding, wire rod and steel wire (low-carbon and high-carbon) with a tensile strength of 40-120 kgf / mm2, as well as non-ferrous metal wires. The machine is controlled from a separate control panel. The mill is serviced through push-button switches and continuously variable V-belt transmission. Year of production -1980 Condition -Excellent - operational Manufacturer: SKET - Magdeburg, Germany Basic technical data: Diameter of the source wire, mm 4.0-8.0 Diameter of the finished wire, mm 6.0-4.0-2.0-1.2 The diameter of the finishing drum along the fillet, mm 600 Drawing speed on the finishing drum, m / min. 414-486-570-654-756-900 The mass of the coil of wire on the finishing drum, kg 115-120 The mass of the coil of wire on the finishing drum, kg 500-1100 Number of blocks 7 Compression,% 18-32 Power of a drive motor of one unit, kW 55 Power of the electric drive of the mill, kW 55 * 6 = 385 The Line includes: Drawbench Grab Rotary crane riot shaper Bay holder The machine is sharp Unwinding device Winding device Descaler Butt welding machine